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Job Search Strategy 101
  1. BE PATIENT. Job searches and transitions do take time.
  2. Decide on your 'game-plan'
  3. Write out all your contacts, peers, and professionals in your network
  4. Visualize your dream position, outline the skills you need for that position. Do you meet them?
  5. Assess your resume. If it doesn't really showcase your candidacy for your goals. Hire a service that specializes in placing candidates in your field.
  6. Verify if you need multiple formats such as text versions, resumes with different goals?
  7. Is your cover letter updated? This is just as important as a compelling resume!
  8. Post your resume on major job boards. Some examples:,, Yahoo Jobs, etc., are all excellent sources.
  9. Visit online newspapers to see any local listings.
  10. Research companies and attempt to engage in a conversation.
  11. Utilize recruiting firms or headhunters. Work proactively with them.
  12. Attend job fairs. Strive to increase your exposure. 'Build your brand'.
  13. Consult with your resume writing consultant on your best job strategy.
  14. Distribute and send your resume.
  15. Update/create your online network profiles.
  16. Apply for positions. Follow up!!
  17. Attend interviews and ALWAYS send a thank you letter.
  18. .Wait for calls and receive job offers!!!